High Pressure Cleaning Perth

High Pressure Cleaning Perth

TaskIt Property Services provides high pressure cleaning services to all suburbs in the Perth metropolitan area.  Utilising the latest jet wave technology, a 4000+psi hot water high pressure cleaner, with a vacuum recovery system attached ensuring both a professional and environmentally friendly approach, TaskIt is sure to rejuvenate your pavement and other outdoor surfaces ensuring they are looking fresh and clean.

Often referred to as pressure washing, jet washing or water blasting, high pressure cleaning is the use of high pressure water to physically remove dirt, stains and contaminants from a range of surfaces.

Our investment in the “hot water advantage” enable TaskIt to minimise use of chemicals when removing stains. Of course, when we do need something a little harsher for those stubborn stains, our ability to recover the water via our vacuum attachment, ensures the environments safety, and less mess after the job is completed.

Our operators have the experience and qualifications to know what systems to use in every situation to deliver the most effective and thorough clean without damage to the surfaces being cleaned or surrounding runoff areas.

If you need an area pressure cleaned, pavement sealed, or stains & graffiti removal by a professional environmentally conscious company at an affordable price, TaskIt Property Services is ready and waiting for your call.

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Driveway Cleaning & Sealing

TaskIt Property Services specialises in pressure cleaning Perth residential properties, in particular our bread and butter is driveway cleaning.  High pressure cleaning can rejuvenate your driveway to its former glory within minutes rather than hours, scrubbing or utilising your mini diy pressure cleaner.

Regular maintenance of your driveway ensures its longevity increases its lifespan, and keeps the home looking presentable and tidy. TaskIt’s use of 4000+ psi hot water delivered via our Mosamatic 21” surface cleaner ensures our service is 4-5 times quicker than using a wand, and reduces mess whilst providing a consistent pressure to the surface when cleaning.

Matching this with our range of stain removing technologies makes TaskIt your ideal trusted Perth pressure cleaning service for all suburbs in the Perth metropolitan area.

Trust it to TaskIt to get your pavement and other outdoor surfaces looking fresh and clean.

We regularly pressure clean:

  • Pavement
  • Driveways
  • Pathways
  • Alfrescos
  • Garages
  • Roofs
  • House & Building Washdowns
  • Patios
  • Solar Panels
  • Swimming Pool Surrounds
  • Acid Wash
  • Retaining Walls
  • New & old paved surfaces
  • Rental Properties
  • Property Vacating
  • BBQ areas
  • Water Features

After a thorough clean explore the advantages of  paving or concrete sealing to maximise the life look and reduce staining of your homes red carpet driveway.

Commercial / Strata / Industrial High Pressure Cleaning

Without a professional high pressure clean at least once a year, the visual appearance of your commercial building, shopping centre, or strata complex will rapidly deteriorate.

A fresh, clean appearance will attract better quality tenants and customers, and improve the invitingness of the complex. We regularly clean  shop entrances, footpaths, paved areas, loading bays, building exteriors, shade sails and remove graffiti from many different surfaces.

Professional pressure cleaning improves the visual impact of your complex but it also prevents health and safety risks, via improved hygiene. Responsible facility managers and companies are obligated to provide a clean, safe and healthy environment for its staff and visitors.

Loading bays and delivery areas are particularly vulnerable to becoming a hygiene/ health and safety nightmare if not kept clean. All that aside, consumers, tenants and owners will feel a greater sense of trust in your business if it is clean.

TaskIt Pressure Cleaning Perth can perform wonders in ensuring your assets are kept in a clean tidy and well maintained fashion, we regularly perform pressure cleaning at :

  • Multi-story carparks,
  • shopping centres,
  • child care centres,
  • multi dwelling complex’s,
  • factories,
  • workshop floors,
  • warehouses,
  • schools,
  • education facilities,
  • train stations,
  • tennis / basketball courts,
  • commercial kitchens,
  • Loading bays,
  • Bin storage areas,
  • petrol stations and
  • any number of industrial machinery requiring cleaning.

Despite your best efforts, dirt, grit and stains will, over time, accumulate on man-made surfaces and diminish the feeling of accomplishment and pride you enjoyed when these areas were new.

Let TaskIt Perth’s pressure cleaning experts rejuvenate your premises with state-of-the-art equipment, quality cleaning products and expertise that ensures your assets get back that shine.

Stain and Graffiti Removal Perth

TaskIt Property Services understands that your outdoor living area is a source of pride for many of us, so having a paved or concrete area that looks less than inviting is not ideal. By simply seeking the service of our skilled Perth stain removal experts, many stains can be removed, and your home can be looking spic and span again.

Whilst some stains just won’t budge the TaskIt team regularly gets rid of stains either completely or dramatically reduces the impact of stains like; oil, bore water stains, food and grime stains, graffiti, even rust in many circumstances.  If our hot water high pressure won’t remove the grime, our team has access to a range of chemicals and treatments to suit many situations:

  • Bore water stain remover
  • Environmentally friendly detergents for dirt and grime cleaning
  • Alkaline neutral degreasers for oil and grease stains
  • Strippers for removal of deck oils and sealers.
  • Mould Mildew and Algae Treatments
  • Acid based cleaners for those hard to budge stains.

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Graffiti Removal Perth

Many government departments and councils have in-house staff as trained professionals who remove graffiti from their Perth property and assets. However small business and strata bodies are susceptible to graffiti vandalism and are often left to fend for themselves and find Perth graffiti removal a painful experience.

High pressure cleaning with our Hot Water pressure cleaning system is very effective in the removal of graffiti tags. However, in some circumstances the mechanical action of the hot pressure washing by itself is not a completely effective method of graffiti removal, particularly when the surface itself is highly susceptible to damage.  TaskIt staff are trained to know which product to select for different circumstances and how best to use them.

Logic says you can Trust it to TaskIt Property Services for your graffiti removal services Perth.

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Roof Cleaning & Sealing

Trust it to TaskIt to protect your most valuable asset from the harsh WA climate with a professional roof clean from your leading Perth pressure cleaning company.

Roof cleaning can be a great way to restore value and the aesthetic appeal of your house or building. Taslkit’s Roof Clean is great way to improve your investment prior to selling your home or as maintenance service to ensure your roof’s longevity and ability to function as intended.

Removal of moss, lichen, dirt and grime on your roof can dramatically improve the visual look of your roof but also the ability to have effective runoff of rainwater in heavy down pours. The effects of weathering on your roof cause tiles to become porous allowing the build-up of dirt, algae and fungus which increases the speed of the deterioration of your roof. This makes high pressure roof cleaning Perth an essential service to keep your roof in a healthy condition.

The TaskIt roof pressure clean service not only removes all moss and algae and cleans the actual roof surface using its hot water advantage, but where needed we apply a high strength fungicidal wash to eliminate any remaining fungi spores.

A Roof Sealing Service can further protect your roof, Taskit will apply a water replant sealant to your tiled roof to provide long lasting protection and reduce lichen and moss regrowth for many years to come.  The finished result is a superb looking roof which will stay cleaner for longer.

TaskIt Property Services offer a range of high pressure cleaning services including roofs, paving and driveways. We can also vacuum clean your gutters and valleys, and inspect your roof for defects whilst up there.

Don't let a tired, dirty and discoloured roof bring down the value and appearance of your castle, contact TaskIt Property Services for the highest quality roof pressure cleaning and sealing at an affordable price

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