Cleaning Gutters with vacuum

Gutter Cleaning Perth

Professional Perth Gutter Cleaning Via Vacuum

TaskIt Property Services are now able to offer a quick and efficient gutter cleaning service through use of our powerful gutter vacuum. Our ability to remove leaves dirt and sludge, quickly efficiently to our storage drum on our truck without mess, ensures Taskit are your Perth gutter cleaning specialists.

Our employees are professionally trained in working at heights and their experience ensures we find the safest way to vacuum the gutters, valleys and clear blocked downpipes on your property. Even if your gutter is not overflowing with leaves, a build-up of dirt and grime can cause irreversible damage to even top-quality guttering.

How much does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

Perth Gutter cleaning costs vary based on the size of your home and extent of your build up in the gutters, but one thing is for sure our service is likely to save you hours of painstaking cleaning.

Other factors to consider

  • Length of gutters to be cleaned
  • Attachments to the house like patios or sheds that also require cleaning
  • Single level or multiple storeys
  • Ease of access to the gutters

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We offer vacuum gutter cleaning for both residential or commercial properties.

The Top 5 Reasons for Gutter Cleaning

Water Damage Prevention

Obviously the number one reason for regular cleaning, a working and clear gutter system stops rainwater runoff from damaging your property. Did you know many insurance claims are now rejected due to a lack of regular gutter maintenance?

When gutter systems are blocked and unable to perform as designed, water won’t drain from the gutters as intended, instead flowing over the back of the gutters rather than the front. Blocked and poor flowing gutters can allow water to overflow into ceiling cavities and other areas of the property, potentially damaging electrical connections, insulation, ceiling and wall linings, and of course floor coverings. Water can even end up flowing into wall cavities and creating dampness problems in the foundations of the building.

Rust Prevention

Lack of regular gutter cleaning is a sure-fire way to reducing the life of your gutters, providing ideal conditions for a destructive sludge to form and then cause gutter rust to appear. Organic matter and moisture = Sludge + throw in the odd screw or left-over metal from builders and we have a recipe for disaster. Cleaning your gutters regularly can help extend the life of your gutters or prevent gutter rust and the need for expensive gutter replacement.

Fire Risk Reduction

TaskIt gutter cleaning can clear your roof of leaf and other flammable material dramatically reducing the fire risk of your home this fire season. During a fire, embers from bushfires become airborne and are carried by hot winds, landing sometimes kilometres from the fire itself. In a bushfire, it is the embers that typically cause more home fires than flames from the initial blaze.

Fire Departments recommend properties at high risk or in bush fire prone areas should clear their gutters every 1 -2 months, a service you can trust to TaskIt to help protect your home in the peak fire season.

Pest Control

Gutter cleaning in Perth, is good service to use when considering integrated pest management around your home or building. Rotting gutter debris and leaf litter provides a perfect environment for pests like, beetles, cockroaches, millipedes, mosquitos rats and mice, snakes, spiders to harbour and thrive.

But the most serious pest threat from deteriorated or blocked gutter drainage systems are termites. In Australia’s harsh arid climate excessive moisture around the foundations or walls of the building from rusted or overflowing gutters can be a major attractant to termite attack.

Environmental Awareness

Cleaning our gutters regularly can help reduce our impact on the environment. Rotting leaf litter and debris is extremely high in nutrients and can play their part in helping to pollute our waterways and have dire consequences for aquatic life.

TaskIt’s gutter cleaning service can improve your water quality by reducing the quantity of debris blocking filters or flowing straight into your rainwater tank and reducing nutrients contaminating your water supply. We can even clean your water tanks for you too.

You can do your part for the environment by keeping your gutters clean!!

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